Nicked & Proud is the Friends of Larnaca Cats neutering program.

cats - the the facts of life

Did you know that several males will stalk a female in season and will mate with her again and again. Sometimes the females are hardly more than kittens (feral cats can get pregnant as young as 4 months old), themselves and can be injured in the process. Female cats that are not neutered are trapped in a continual cycle of pregnancy, looking after kittens many of which do not survive their first year, then getting pregnant again, with their health and the kittens' health suffering.

Life for the males is not much better. The large tom cats will fight the other intact males. All available males will be aggressive while they try to mate with available females. Injuries and road accidents escalate during these periods. Young males will be chased out of colonies and face a very uncertain future. Noise from fighting and aggression and the dirty, scarred and injured males gives feral cats in urban areas a bad reputation. This kind of life is not fun for anyone!

Why Nicked?

See a stray cat with a “nicked” ear - a small v-shape on the tip, or a missing tip? It is more than likely that he or she has been neutered. The nick is made when the cat is under anaesthetic so it does not hurt them. It is an easy way to identify which stray cats are already fixed - so members of the public know and, importantly, charity groups such as Friends of Larnaca Cats know they don’t need to catch that cat again!

Why Proud? Proud because being “nicked” means the terrible cycle of unwanted births is stopped. Once neutered the cats have the opportunity to lead happier, healthier lives. The fighting and the noise abates. The cats are clean and their condition improves immeasurably - everyone is happy! No wonder neutered cats are proud to be nicked! The Government in Cyprus very occasionally release funds for neutering. In the Larnaca area, the money will usually cover only around 200 neuters… a drop in the ocean of cats that live in the area.

You can help! Please donate to our Nicked & Proud fund.

EUR 50 pays for one female

EUR 30 pays for one male

We will send you a picture of your cat/s so you know who you have helped on their way to a better life :-)


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